High Performance Photoluminescent Plastic Chain

~ NEW! Launched in the World!

The photoluminescent plastic chain is designed for guiding pedestrian and draw people`s attention. It can be seen without electricity in the dark area.

↑The photoluminescent plastic chain can be seen in the dark area.

↑Registered item of NETIS (New Technology Information System) in Japan.

Product Feature :
1) High performance photoluminescent plastic chain as JC grade of JIS standard.

2) The performance of the chain has been approved and registered in NETIS (New Technology Information System)
* Only luminous type (AC0625-30) registered in NETIS

3) The luminance is 50x brighter than others.

4) The product after absorbs the fluorescent light, LED light or sunlight, it will glow in the dark for about 6 hours.

↑Construction Site in Japan

Using direction:
Construction Site, Warehouse, Factory, Car Park , Residence etc.

Product Lineup:

The product of the α-Chain has「Luminous type (AC0625-30)」and 「Luminous & Yellow Combine type (ACKE0625-30)」.

The combine type chain of the photoluminescent part and yellow part can get more attractive in the daytime.

Specification of the chain :
Item No. Description Length Color Diameter (Max.) Tension Luminance
 (After 20mins)
AC0625-30 Registered in NETIS
α-Chain <Luminous type>
25m Luminous 6mm Over 25kg 103mcd/㎡
ACKY0625-30 α-Chain
<Combine type (Yellow)>   
& Yellow
【Material】HDPE (High density polyethylene), Photoluminescent material 【Luminescent Color】 Green