SILICA GEL is a neutral or acid synthetic desiccant produced by coagulating a colloidal solution of silicic acid. SILICA GEL has micropores of approximately 20 A in diameter and physically adsorbs water vapor. SILICA GEL conforms to JIS-Z-0701, which standardizes theperformance including moisture-adsorbing capacity, and is effective for moisture-resistant packages of a wide variety of products from foods to electronic parts.


Item no. Contents Size(mm) Qty/CTN
QP2 2g 55 X 40mm 4,500
QP5 5g 55 X 60mm 2,000



CARE DRY® is made of materials conforming to MIL (US Military Specifications, MIL-D 3464 E), and has acquired a QPL as goods to be supplied to the government. It also exceeds the water absorption required byJIS-Z-0701. Moisture is physically absorbed between the layers. The laminar structuer of CARE DRY®'s clay is well growing, CARE DRY®shows high adsorption capacity at low humidity.


Item no. Contents Size(mm) Qty/CTN
CP2 2g 55 X 35mm 6,000
CP5 5g 55 X 50mm 2,400