Feature of Q-Dots

1.      Double side sticker for photos, crafts, posters, scrapbook & any possibilities.
2.      Suitable for most smooth surface such as paper, wood, plastic, metal, glass…etc.
3.      Easy clean & no messy glue
4.      Dry instantly
5.      Eco-Friendly material
6.      Meet “RoHS” standard.


  Item Size Dots Packing
1 QD1010SP-HK 10*10mm 200 Dots/Roll Standard Box



1.      For perfect performance, make sure the surface is clean and dry.
2.      Hold the box gently. Do not use it with too much force.
3.      Pull the back side paper to totally expose Q-DOTS.
4.      Apply the Q-DOTS by pressing it against the item you stick.
5.      Gently move the Q-DOTS paper and leave adhesive on the item.



It is not suitable for children under 3 years